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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


FS 9.11 updates


FS v9.10.4

This version of the FS system is running all 3 of the AuScope sites. It is installed into the usual /usr2 location. The only major deviation from a standard install is the /usr2/control being a softlink to a directory /usr2/control.[hb|ke|yg].

Another relevant directory is /usr2/AuscopeUtils, which contains any AuScope code which is not reasonably stored within the control.* or st-9.10.4 directory.

This code is all stored within the “pcfs_prod” git repository on observer@ops-serv2:/home/observer/gits/pcfs_prod.git (see the section on git for more instructions).

FS Updating Procedures

Updating this code would be a matter of upgrading one site, git-adding the new fs-? and st-? directories, and git-rming the old ones after an appropriate settling period when the migration was confirmed to be successful. Obviously they could be git-rmed immediately, but this would be less convenient to roll back if problems were found.

Some care would need to be taken when migrating the contents of the new 'control' directory into the existing ones. The specific steps which will be taken will vary depending on the extent of the changes in the new FS.

PCFS utilities

FS clock errors

If the FS is complaining frequency of a formatter to FS time difference > 0.5s, it may be necessary to recalibrate the drift rate. The procedure is outlined in /usr2/fs/misc/fstime.txt. The guts of the procedure is:

  1. Make sure there is a “sy=run setcl &” in the “initi” procedure of the “station” procedure library. It should go as early as possible in the procedure.
  2. Make sure there is a “sy=run setcl adapt &” in the “midob” procedure in “station”.
  3. Set-up the “time.ctl” file with the following steps. Please note that this procedure should be repeated whenever you change FS computers or upgrade kernels. Another case where you should redo this step is if the crystal has either because of aging or other reasons, like replacement, changed significantly in rate.
    • Put the following line in your “time.ctl” file as the only non-comment line:

      0.000 0.010 rate

    • Start the FS
    • Execute the SNAP command: “sy=run setcl offset &”
    • Leave the computer running for about one hour. You can start and stop the FS, login and logout as many times as you wish. Just don't reboot the computer.
    • Execute the SNAP command: “sy=run setcl rate &”
    • Execute the SNAP command: “sy=run setcl save &”
    • At a shell prompt execute:

      cd /usr2/control
      mv time.ctl

      As long as there were no communication or permission errors, your “time.ctl” file should be updated with a reasonable rate value.
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