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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Processing log files and shipping the data

The procedure to follow here will depend on whether the data are being transferred to the correlator electronically (eTransfer) or shipped:

From To:
Bonn Washington Haystack VLBA
Hb eTransfer eTransfer eTransfer ship
Ho eTransfer eTransfer eTransfer ship
Ke eTransfer (*) ship ship ship
Yg eTransfer (*) ship ship ship
* = modules are shipped to Hobart and then eTransferred

The correlator that the data are to be shipped to is given in the detailed listing on the Google Calendar and in the Master Schedule. See the schedules page on this wiki.

Regardless of whether the data are to be shipped or eTransferred please follow these notes on preparing the comments file and transferring the logs.

At the moment all shipping of modules (physical or eTransfer) is being handled by observatory staff and on-call people. Operators: there's no need to proceed with any of the following steps.

If data are being eTransferred, the transfer can be started from Hobart if they are going to Bonn, but for Washington, the transfer is started from the correlator.

Some additional steps are required when shipping modules and are done at the observatories:

Shipping media from Hobart

Shipping media from Katherine

Shipping media from Yarragadee

Useful odds and ends
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