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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Making a Test Recording

Now make a test recording using the Mark5. This is done through eRemoteControl or the Operator Input window.

mk5=dot?                 (Output should appear as before, but it should say FHG_on)

Now check the data are OK:


Check the last numbers are the correct date at the start of the scan, duration, the data rate (should be 256 for the 8MHz mode, 128 for the 4 MHz mode) and 0 at the end for no problems. Then plot an autocorrelation from the data:


The output should appear in the pcfs[hb|ke|yg] VNC session and within a minute on the Autocorrelation Spectra web page. Good data should contain quite flat bandpasses and zero phase. See autocorrelation spectra plots for an example and what problems to look out for. If there are dropped or strange-looking bands, the DBBC may need reprogramming.

Note: The checkmk5 procedure occurs before this, but just in case it hasn't been done: For AUST and RD experiments, to get autocorrelation happening, the different bit rate etc will mean you need to redefine checkmk5 procedure from usual. Edit checkmk5 using pfmed. Look for older AUST proc file for example, define checkmk5 as…

define  checkmk5      13261230216x
sy=/home/oper/bin/ &

Editing instructions are here: documentation.ivs.drudg_9.10.5

DO NOT ERASE TEST SCANS UNLESS NECESSARY. They don't actually need to be deleted as they do not get picked up in transfers and erasing modules is a risky business!

Many of the larger disks are now being used for more than one experiment to conserve modules, particularly the 16TB.

To clear the disk module, ONLY IF YOU'RE CERTAIN there is no useful data (e.g. from a previous experiment) already on the disk!


Now repeat this test on the second module (if it's loaded):

Swap the module with the following commands:


Then repeat the test. Lastly, go back to the first module:

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